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Car & Trailer

If you are going on a holiday with your caravan, you probably need special caravan mirrors for your car, or electrical connectors for conversion from 13 to 7 poles or vice versa. Here you will also find a selection of connectors for the automobile auxiliary power outlet (a.k.a cigarette lighter receptacle), so various extras can be used while you are on the go. Quality products for your trailer, such as trailer locks, ramps, tarps, hitch couplings, nose wheels, trailer nets, elastic cords, fastening buttons, stop blocks, lamp sets and much more. Reflective safety vests are mandatory in some countries and can be bought online here.

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Car accessories and trailer equipment

Every once in a while, you need extra accessories for the car or trailer. Maybe something's broken on the trailer or the car, and you need a spare part. Maybe you are going on a camping holiday and just need extra equipment, such as wind deflectors for side windows, heat shields, wide angle mirrors or a new hitch coupling.
Whatever you need, you'll find a wide range of trailer and car accessories on this page.