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Caravan cover

Caravan tarpaulin - also called caravan cover - is made of strong, robust, breathable and water resistant material. Caravan covers are used for cover and protection of caravans against dirt, moisture and algae during the outdoor off-season.


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What is a caravan cover?

A caravan cover is a cover for a caravan that protects it from the weather until next camping season. If you do not store your caravan indoors during the winter season, it's important to use a cover. This way your caravan will be protected from dirt, rain, wind, snow and UV-light, which can be very tough against the caravan's various parts and exterior.


A caravan cover consists of 3 layers, that together provide the ultimate protection:

  • The outermost layer is a soft and durable surface that resists the sun's UV rays
  • The middle layer is the breathable film that allows water vapor to escape but prevents ordinary precipitation from penetrating
  • The inner layer is a soft surface that does not sctarch the caravan's surface

Here's how to find the right size cover for your caravan

Before you can find the correct size cover for your caravan, you need to know the outside measurements of your caravan - the length, width and height.

Then choose the cover that is at least 10 cm larger in both length and width than your caravan. Since the caravan cover can be tightened at the bottom, it does not matter that it's a bit larger than the caravan. The most important thing is that it's not too small because then it will be too tight to be able to cover the caravan.

Before you cover your caravan

Before covering the caravan, it is important that it's completely clean and polished. If there's soil and sand on the windows for example, this can scratch the windows when the caravan is applied. Another thing that can happen if the caravan is not cleaned is that it can turn to a breeding ground for bacteria and algae that like covered and warm environments and can spread quickly. Therefore we advise that you wash the caravan thoroughly and remove all stains, then apply wax that further protects the caravan's surface. Here you can find all cleaning agents you need for a thorough cleaning of your caravan.


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