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Here you will find lots of electronic equipment that you might need on your next camping holiday. Electrical products for caravans and motor homes are particular as they are made for lover voltages. Should there be anything you are missing, please feel free to contact us.

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When all is under control, camping is a nice and relaxing kind of holiday. The pace slows down, and living is a little more primitive than in everyday life.

Electrical articles for caravan

Some things, however, one must take care of – either because it is required by law, or just to make the camping holiday a little easier and more relaxing. Among these things are electrical items for camping, cars and trailers.

Make sure that the lights on your trailer or caravan are visible and working. You will find a selection of tail lights for trailers, and if you need position lights for your trailer or caravan, you will find it too.


Sometimes you do not have access to a direct power source when camping, and here a caravan battery can be a good idea to carry with you. This way you have portable power to keep the electrical appliances running. The battery obviously needs charging and for that you can buy an electric charger that charges the battery while ensuring that it does not overload.


For campers there is now also the possibility of being more eco-friendly when it comes to energy consumption. More and more people choose to have solar panels installed on the caravan and this way generate its own power directly from the sun. Our selection of solar panels for caravans is from Kronings, which is known for its high quality products.


If you need a lamp for your caravan or awning, you will find a large selection of lamps with battery and much more. This includes, of course, 12 volt incandescent bulbs or LED lights for camping to fit the lower voltage in caravans and motor homes.

The details are important, so you also need to know if you have the right sockets for caravan. You can also get sockets with USB, switches and light dimmers for 12 volts.