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Gas Products

Here you can find a gas solution for every need, from the more heavy-duty outdoor kitchens with large gas cylinders to ultralight and compact trekking solutions – even gas equipment that can be used at very low temperatures. In our range of gas products, you will find refrigerators, ovens, burners and much more.

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Gas equipment for camping and outdoor life

At home you are free to choose whether you want to use electricity or gas for cooking, lighting and cooling. When camping, trekking and hiking, you often need an alternative to electricity, and gas is perfect here. Gas appliances have the advantage of simply having to be connected to a gas supply and then they are ready to use. This makes gas products extremely mobile and are easy to bring with you on e.g. camping holidays, scouting and much more.

Gas heaters and gas burners for camping, patio and kitchen

If the space is limited at the kitchen table and if you do not have the option of having a large stove, then a portable gas stove is brilliant. It requires almost no space and can easily be stowed after use so that it does not occupy an area needed for other things. The primary use of a portable gas burner is usually at camping, where it lets you prepare hot food, boil water, etc. There are plenty of smart accessories for gas burners, and if you love toast in the morning, you can hardly do without a toaster for gas burners. You can also bake bread, cakes, etc. on the tour with a gas oven for cooking. But, again, if space is limited there is also the brilliant Omnia oven for gas cooktops - it's super smart!

When the night falls, it can quickly get chilly in the awning or in the caravan. Then it is great to have a gas heater that quickly warms the room up.

Keep food cool with a gas fridge

There's no need to put up with lukewarm beer and soft drinks and butter as soft as oil when camping. With a functional and practical gas fridge it is easy to keep food and drinks fresh and enjoy the summer. Some models are even equipped with a built-in freezer, making it possible to store ice cream, ice cubes and more.

All the essentials when it comes to gas

As with so much else, there are some rules and safety measures that you need to be aware of when using gas.
For everything to work properly, it is important that you have the correct gas regulator that fits both the gas canister and the appliance. It is also important to check gas hoses for cracks and leaks so that gas cannot leak into the room, thus being both an explosion and a health hazard. Please get a gas leak detector that alerts you if there is dangerous gas in the air that you breathe.