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Wok burners and accessories

Here you will find wok burners and accessories for your wok as for example chopsticks. Read more about the advantages of chosing a wok burner and making wok food at the campsite further below.

The rounded bottom of the wok makes it possible to fry without using too much fat. The oil may look like it is a lot but the amount is less than what you would use on a traditional frying pan. The cooking time in a wok is also relatively less so even if the pan needs to be very hot, you end up using less gas/energy.

In Asian countries wok food is eaten with chopsticks, and therefore must be cut into small pieces to get it straight into the mouth. The thinner the food is cut - the faster it is fried.  That helps keep the energy consumption down. 

A professional wok burner is typically at +/- 7 KW. A normal stove hob is at 2-3 KW. That makes it harder to prepare wok food on a regular stove, if not impossible. 
Having said that, if you want to make wok food - making it in an original Hot Wok would be the right decision.