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Gas burners and hobs

Wherever you are, whether it's camping, in the garden or in the wilderness, it's nice to be able to prepare a properly hot meal. For that, you'll need a gas burner that can fire up well under pots and pans. On this page you will find a large selection of gas burners for outdoor kitchen and gas burners for indoor use. Likewise, you will find essential accessories for gas burners, such as a smart toaster.

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Gas burners for camping

If you are a camping enthusiast, you will probably be in control of all your caravan accessories and equipment in general. As a camper, there are many things that will make things such as cooking much easier, which is why you will find on this page a selection of gas flares that you can use both outdoors and indoors. With a gas burner for camping, you can easily and quickly fire up under the meat pots and in a short space of time have hot food ready for the rest of the family. Therefore, if there is no gas burner or glass ceramic hob installed in your caravan, it is obvious to invest in a good gas burner.


Gas burners for indoor use

If you need to be able to use your gas burner indoors, be careful to choose a model with a flame failure device. The flame failure device works in such a way that should the flame in the flare go out, then it also automatically turns off the gas supply. This way, you do not risk leaking gas into space, which in the worst case could lead to a gas explosion. Safety protection is therefore necessary if you want an indoor gas burner.


Gas burner for outdoor kitchen

If you need a gas burner for the outdoor kitchen,you will find it here on the side. Here you can find extra powerful gas flares, which are very suitable for outdoor use. Please note that outdoor kitchen gas burners may only be used outdoors, unless otherwise stated. As they are not equipped with ignition protection, they are therefore not safe to use indoors.

With an outdoor gas burner, you can prepare beautiful and delicious food out in the open air or in the garden. It's super easy to start up and use, and you can choose from several different kinds, so you'll find the one that suits your needs. You will find gas flares in different sizes (number of flares) and from different brands, and also prices vary. You therefore need to determine what your needs are, because it usually gives itself that the more money you invest in the gas burner, the better, bigger and more powerful it is most likely.


Accessories for gas burners

When you are camping or on a tent trip in the wilderness, it is important that you have packed as compact as possible, but at the same time get the most important thing with you. And no, it's not the big toaster at home from the kitchen table you have to lug with you. You can get a smart and compact toaster for gas burnersthat barely fills or weighs. Look that's smart!

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