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You probably know the feeling; on warm summer days where all you need is a cold drink - but all there is is a lukewarm one, maybe because it has been laying in a hot car all day. With a great and practical cooler, you can forget about boring beverages and sloppy food. Fill up the cooler with cooling elements from your freezer, and enjoy cool drinks and foods on the move all day to great pleasure for you and your family.

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Coolers and accessories 

At Scandihills Camping & Outdoor you will find a great selection of cooling products, that can be necessary at the campsite, recreational house or other outdoor trips. On this page you will find a fine collection of refrigerators, drinks coolers, electric and passive coolboxes, sturdy and foldable coolers, cooling elements as well as various equipment for coolers. In other words, you will find everything you need, if you want to keep drinks and foods cold during the trip. 


A cooler can maintain both heat and cold due to smart thermo materials. Some of the models are made of polyester with foam padding and PVC coating, and this is exactly what enables a cooler to keep the cold inside and makes your soda stay cold for hours. 


Foods and beverages should for reasons of durability in most cases be stored in a cool place. You can therefor with great advantage invest in a good cooler, that is easy to bring when on the move and does not take up much space. 

At Scandihills Camping & Outdoor we carry a great selection of exiting equipment and accessories for you, who loves to be on the move, whether it is just a picnic, a camping trip or something else. Find everything you need from travel and camping equipment to trekking and much more in our webshop.