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Camping Refrigerator

If you love camping, you probably already have the necessary equipment to enjoy some good days at the campsite with loved ones. But should it be time to replace the current refrigerator with a new one, you will always find a great selection of good and functional camping refrigerators here at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor. Then you can rest assured, that you will have a cold beer ready for the arrival of your guests.

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Our selection of refrigerators is wide and varied, and you will therefore find both large and small fridges according to where it should be placed and how many people you are sharing it with. If you are a family of four, who are camping several days at a time, it is necessary with great room for all of your food and drinks. On the other hand; if it is only you and your partner sharing a refrigerator, a smaller option is sufficient. 

Choosing a camping refrigerator 

Buy the right refrigerator here online. A camping refrigerator may also be labelled a mini-fridge, but online the options are so many, that it can be hard to find out, what would be the right fit for you. There are of course differences in sizes, but you should also consider power consumption and whether or not is operates on gas.  

If you already have a functional fridge, but you need more space, you may want to buy a practical freestanding mini-fridge. It does not require to be placed in the kitchen, but can be placed anywhere in your caravan or awning. The benefit of a gas refrigerator is mainly less noise compared to an electrical refrigerator where there is a fan constantly running. But an electrical fridge is still the best solution, if you are away for several days at a time, and therefor keep food in the fridge for a longer period of time. 

Buy your camping equipment here 

Whether you are looking for a new camping refrigerator, camping furniture, windscreens, cooking utensils or whatever you may need, there is a great possibility, that you will find it here with us. We have everything you need for at successful camping experience and a relaxed holiday. Even though camping for some may be a slightly primitive form of vacation, it is nonetheless nice to have access to the most essential things, because it can alter the experience if you need them.