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There are many opinions regarding trekking - some say it's hard, some say it's fun and some find it meaningful. But what is it really?
It is the original way of camping where you experience the nature in a more or less primitive manner. For example sleeping in a tent, cooking your food over a fire, finding water in the nature and so on. 
Buy your outdoor gear here at Scandihills.com.

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All in outdoor equipment in one place

Do you like outdoor adventures, away from the big city? Then you've come to the right place. Here at ScandiHills.com we have a wide range of equipment you need for a short day hike, longer outdoor adventures or maybe a fishing trip.

"Need-to-have" - The necessary equipment for outdoor activities

Some things you just can't be without when you're going on a primitive outdoor trip. Whether you're climbing a mountain, going on a wilderness survival tour or hiking through a desert, there's a range of gear that's important for a successful tour.

The most important thing is that you can get the food and water you need. Therefore you need to have the best cookware for camping with you, for example cooking utensils which takes minimal space in the backpack. Here we have, among other things, a wide range of the popular Trangia sets and related accessories. Once the cooking gear is in place, you'll need a heat source to get the pots going. You may choose the classic solution with a basic campfire. Here we have everything from storm matches to fire kits- feel free to take a look at our wide range of campfire equipment. You can also choose the more practical solution with a gas burner for gas canisters which is ready for use right away.

What food should you cook with your handy cooking gear? You can fish, hunt, etc. For an easier solution, you can bring freeze dried food on the trip. In our range of good freeze dried meals we have everything from vegetarian dishes, breakfast, desserts and freeze dried milk.

The second most important thing, after food and drink, is shelter. So do not forget to bring a tarp - or a shelter, as it’s sometimes called. With a tarp you do not have to get wet if it rains and at the same time it protects against the sun.

"Nice-to-have" - Outdoor gear for added comfort

When the basic needs are met, there is plenty of equipment for outdoor activities which makes everything a little easier and more comfortable. One of the first things to consider buying is trekking poles to relieve your back, legs and knees when walking a lot. In addition, it is very good in the terrain as it helps you keep your balance. They can also be used as poles for the tarp and much more – only your imagination sets limits. When the night falls you may need light to see the map or to cook your dinner - then it is good to have a headlight of good quality.

You would probably appreciate a hot drink, coffee, tea or chocolate, on your trip. For that you need a good thermos to keep it warm. Here the Stanley vacuum flasks are some of the best on the market - they are so good the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the products.

We also have all the necessary plastic meal kits for outdoor life, e.g. folding cups, sporks and other food sets.
For times of coziness, or if you need extra light, our oil lanterns are what you need. They are available in different colours and are also nice at home on the patio, in the garden, etc.