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Bonfire equipment

There's something very special and cozy to sit around a bonfire and prepare food, especially on a cool evening. Check out our online selection of bonfire equipment in this caregory. You will find skewers, pots and pans, accessories for fire ignition and much more.

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Top quality bonfire equipment

When you need great bonfire equipment, ScandiHills.com is the place to look. We carry a large selection of bonfire equipment, so you can be well-equipped for cooking in the woods, start a bonfire and much more. With high quality bonfire camping equipment, you can be sure, that your gear is durable and will last a long time.

Fire pit for camping

It is extremely cozy to light a bonfire in the garden, or when camping, on a summer's evening and roast marchmallows. With a fire pit on the terrace you can create a cosy atmosphere, without having to worry about soot on the tiles or grass catching fire. Most fire pits are lifted above the ground, and is therefor a great choice, when you don't want to dig out an actual fireplace in the garden.

Make bonfire food in the garden

A bonfire is not only for roasting marchmallows or sausages. It can also be used to cook delicious and tasty food at all times. With the right bonfire cooking equipment, you can cook e.g. campfire pancakes, grill a fish, cook a soup and a lot more. You will find all the campfire cooking equipment you need here at ScandiHills.com. You can find e.g. campfire pots and pans, barbeque skewers, fire starters, fuel tablets and more.