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Mosquito nets etc.

Mosquito nets are a great means of keeping annoying mosquitos and flies away from your head, bed and food. When at home - they're just practical but when traveling - they sometimes are a necessity. For example, on a trip to a tropical place where there's a risk of being infected with malaria it's a great advantage to bring mosquito nets for your head and bed. That way you reduce the chances of being infected and turning the vacation into a nightmare. By further measures of impregnating the mosquito nets with insecticide, the risk of malaria infection can be further reduced by approx. 50%. The effect of the impregnation can last from half a year to a whole year, depending on how much the net is used and how it is packed afterwards.

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Malaria infects more than 300 millions of people every year and approx. 1 million of them die due to it. In countries where insect-borne diseases such as malaria and yellow fever are common, mosquito nets are an important and effective means of protection from them.

Mosquito net for your bed

Are you going to travel and do you already know in advance that you will encounter challenges like mosquitos, spiders, flies and other insects? Then you already now can take preventive measures against them. If you're afraid of spiders and are going to sleep in a cabin or a holiday house where they are usual residents, don't panic but supply yourself and your family with mosquito nets for the beds. Mosquito nets are not only intended to keep mosquitos out during the night but all insects and crawling creatures.

Find a mosquito net for your next trip here

If you have decided to invest in a smart and practical solution such as mosquito nets for your next trip, you will find a great selection of different options here with us. You can find something to pull over your head, for example for when walking in a rainforest or by a river. You can also find nets that cover your entire bed or sleeping bag, regardless if it's for a single or double bed/mat. These nets are practical and easy to set up and can be fastened in the ends.