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Freeze-dried food etc.

Thanks to the good development within the field of freeze-dried food for camping ot trekking trips, there are now products for every meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner, vegetarian food and even desserts.

Buy freeze-dried food online here.

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Just like most things, freeze-dried food has also undergone a huge positive development. There is a variety of meals, both for meat-eaters and vegetarians, that taste delicious. The freeze-dried food contains the right amount of energy, vitamins and minerals that the body needs daily.


It is easy to transport and even easier to prepare. All you need to do is pour hot water directly into the package, stir and let the meal sit for a few minutes. The packages are made so that they can stand on their own. You can enjoy the food directly from the package which also means that there's no washing-up afterwards. All you need is a burner to boil water. Check out our selection of burners here.