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Stanley Flask

The Stanley vacuum bottles are for people who want the best there is on the market. Stanley vacuum bottles are of such good quality that they offer lifetime guarantee on all products. Maybe you remember your grandfather's green thermos that he always carried? It has very likely been one by Stanley. Treat yourself or someone you love with a thermos of the highest caliber!

Take a look at our large selection of Stanley thermo bottles below and buy them online today. We deliver quickly.

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A thermos is a container used to store either hot or cold drinks and maintain their temperature. Thermo bottles have a double wall vacuum insulation and are usually made of glass or stainless steel. They are easy to take everywhere and maintain the desired temperature of your drink under all weather conditions.


If you, for example, want to have coffee, tea or soup when you are traveling then you need to have a good thermo bottle to store your beverage. Here at ScandiHills.com we have a variety of good qualitative thermo bottles that can retain your drinks in the desired temperature over a long time. 

In our selection you will find the very popular brand Stanley Adventure which is very well-liked among "outdoor people".