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Camping chairs

Camping chairs with low backrest are primarily used around a table when eating or drinking coffee, as well as an extra chair for guests. Here you can find low backrest chairs in diffetent quality and designs.

Chairs with multifiber cover can be washed easily with soap water. Other chairs with polyester or pads can be treated with Fabsil Water Repellent before use.

Find your new camping chairs here.

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Comfortable camping chairs

For a good camping holiday you shouldn't miss anything. Therefore it's not a good idea to compromise on equipment, epsecially on chairs, where you spend most of your relaxation time. At Scandihills Camping & Outdoor you can find a variety of qualitative camping chairs that ensure your comfort throughout the holiday. We have a selection of chairs with low backrest because they are the ones that give you the most comfortable position when sitting at the camping table and enjoying good food or cold drinks. When relaxing, you can spend many hours sitting in a camping chair so it is important that it's a comfortable one and every minute in it is pleasant. 

Bo-Camp or Crespo?

At Scandihills Camping & Outdoor we sell chairs from the good brand Bo-Camp and also the renowned camping brand Crespo. Bo-Camp offers slightly cheaper models than Crespo but still does not compromise on quality. Crespo camping chairs's seats are a little wider and their covers are made of multifiber instead of nylon, which is the case with Bo-Camp. Therefore it is advantageous to impregnate them with FABSIL, which you can also buy here at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor. This way your Bo-Camp chairs will last longer. Crespo's multifiber covers can be washed easily with soap water and do not need impregnation. Both Bo-Camp and Crespo are good brands and they both offer camping chairs of good quality. It is up to you to decide which one you would rather use.

Do you also need a camping table?

Once you have found the camping chairs you need, there might still be something you are missing. It is indeed a camping table. Here at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor we have a great selection of stable camping tables. You can find tables for 1-2 or 4-6 people, pictic sets or small drinks tables. The big tables are meant for families or for people who love guests. It could also be beneficial to have a few extra folding chairs, ready for them. All of that and much more you will find at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor. It is important that you don't compromise on equipment, that's why we have gathered everything your camping-heart might desire in one place. 


A pleasant purchase

Even though we don't have eye contact with our online customers, we still have a big responsibility to you. We want to make sure that you have a pleasant experience, whether you're looking at our website for inspiration only or have come to make a purchase. If you can't find what you're looking for, you are welcome to contact us. We are always happy to find the right solutions for our customers because they are the ones our business is all about. That's why we are a member of Ecommerce Europe Trustmark which means that our webshop is approved as a safe place to shop. We also provide fast deliveries so that you can get the products you need before it's time to leave for your vacation. 

A secure shopping place and a pleasant purchase go hand in hand at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor. Order today and your purchase will be with you shortly.