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Small folding chairs

Here is our selection of folding chairs. Folding chairs differ from other chairs because they can be folded together and are very easy to transport. They provide a quick and comfortable seating.
The chairs are also available in 3-legged models. The Swedish Walkstol is known to be the only 3-legged chair with telescopic legs in the world. It can also be set to different seat heights and withstand up to 1/4 ton.

One chair too little…

Campsites are full of life. Flags sway in the wind and that's a sign that the campsite is open. An open campsite means vacation, games, relaxation, barbecue evenings and cozy conversations until late in the night. It also means guests who come by for a cold beer or for an afternoon under the awning. That is why it could be practical to have a few extra chairs ready for the occasion. You can never have a folding chair too much but it is unfortunate if you have one chair too little. Avoid those situations and order a folding chair from Scandihills Camping & Outdoor already today.

Practicle folding chairs

At Scandihills Camping & Outdoor we can offer you a large selection of different high-quality folding chairs for every taste. With a couple of folding chairs you are ready to welcome guests to your table. Or maybe you do have folding chairs but they are becoming too old? That's also a good reason to buy some new ones. In any case, you have come to the right place because as you can see, we have a lot to offer. Folding chairs are easy to transport because when you fold them together they take up almost no space.

From chair to table

At Scandihills Camping & Outdoor, we can offer you our Crespo folding chair with a backrest (model 305). The backrest helps you sit extra comfortable so you get a seat where you can relax and feel comfortable for hours and enjoy your vacation. The cover is made of multifibre and is available in different colours. Try to check out Crespo folding chair, model 302 without backrest. It is incredibly functional to carry with you as it weights only 0,850 kg, but can bear weight of up to 90 kg! As a bonus, at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor you can also get your hands on a table top that fits perfectly on that chair and in turns it into a table. The table top is durable and can withstand both cold and hot drinks. The top can easily be removed and used as a serving tray or card game board - the possibilities are many!  

For camping and more

If however you do not want a regular folding chair - no need to look elsewhere. At Scandihills Camping & Outdoor we also offer a selection of three-legged Swedish-produced Walkstool Comfort chairs. ”Walkstool” is the only three-legged chair with telescopic legs in the world! The chair is available in different heights so it offers everyone good seating comfort and at the same time it has a high weight capacity. These three-legged chairs have many funktions that can be used in countless number of outdoor activities, for example on a hunting trip, fishing trip, at a sporting event or even as an alternative in professions that require a lot og kneeling, like photographers, mechanics or electricians.  ”Walkstool Comfort” comes with a carry bag that makes it easier to take the chair around.

Folding chairs come in different kinds and sizes. We offer 12 kinds but if you can't find what you're looking for, we would like to hear from you so we can try to find an alternative that will fulfill your needs. You can easily, conveniently and securely order your new folding chair at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor already today. Then in no time you will be able to sit like a king in your new chair.