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Water - regardless of whether it's fresh or waste water, you must be able to store and handle it when you are out camping. Here you will find plastic jerry cans and bottles for fresh water, as well as waste water carriers, hoses, water taps, water pumps, preservatives, means of purification and neutralisation of purified drinking water and much more!

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Although camping often means a more primitive way of life, there are still some things that are hard to do without. Access to water must be one of the most important, which is why you will also find a wide range of equipment to ensure safe handling of water when camping.

Water heaters

If you are not the type who loves to bathe in cold water, then a water heater for your caravan is necessary. In addition to the bath, you also need hot water for many other purposes. For example, cleaning is easier with warm water, and it is also more comfortable to wash hands in warm water. We've selected some of the best water heaters on the market here, so have a look and see what we've got for your caravan. If winter has been cold, the hot water tank may have burst. Often it is not necessary to replace the entire water heater, it may be enough to replace the water heater tank if it’s available as a spare part. This is a quick and inexpensive way to solve the problem of a frost-burst water heater.

Wastewater equipment

It is important to properly handle your wastewater. Therefore, you can buy both wastewater tanks and  drain hoses for wastewater on this page. You will also find water tank cleaner, water filters, water disinfection and much more.

Water pumps

With a water pump you can get running water from the tap in your caravan, so it almost feels like home. Here at ScandiHills.com we have a large selection of water pumps, and you will find a variety of submersible pumps as well as diaphragm pumps and accessories for water pumps.

Washes, sinks and taps for caravan

Wash basins, sinks and taps for caravans are very similar to those known from home, but often there are some small differences that make these better suited for caravans. For example, caravan sinks are lighter and more flexible to make them suitable for life on the road without adding too much weight. Taps and water mixers are also available specifically for caravans, as there may be necessary details such as the ability to operate at 12 volts.