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Buy a tap for your caravan kitchen or bathroom online at ScandiHills.com. They are available in different types and materials, such as chrome. There are tap for hot and cold water but also for only cold water.

Taps for camping use come with different connectors for water. Some of the most common are 1. UniQuick where the pipe ends are connected to 12 mm UniQuick pipe system. 2. Flexible hoses with nozzles for connection to 10-12 mm hoses. 3. Where hose connectors are connected to 10-12 mm hose.

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Freshwater is stored either in built-in water tanks or large containers at a campsite and therefore it's not possible to have water in the same way as when water pressure is applied. That's why we install taps with built-in switches for 12 V submersible water pumps in the water tank.