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When travelling you often need various handy travel equipment such as travel adapters, various travel pads, toiletries, lightweight towels and much more. We have a large selection of travel equipment, and are particularly proud of our great Pacsafe program of innovative travel equipment with built-in anti-theft technology.

Find everything you need in travel equipment for your next trip here in this category.

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When travelling abroad there is a lot to consider. Every single destination in the world around us has one or more things that we have to cater for. The water can be unsuitable as drinking water, or there may be different kinds of dangerous animals/insects. Mosquito nets or other protection may therefore be necessary. Pickpockets can be a problem in some places, so locks, anti-theft bags or the like may be needed. The wall sockets have a different design, so bringing one or more adapters is probably a good idea. The flight may take a long time, causing the need for flight socks or a travel pillow.