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Window deflectors

Here you will find wind deflectors from Italian high-quality manufacturers. The window deflectors are designed specifically for each car model to ensure the best possible fit. Our wind deflectors are made of dark-toned acrylic, and whether you're looking for wind deflectors for Ford, Audi, VW, etc. - you will find it here.

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What do window deflectors do?

The primary function of window deflectors are to reduce wind and wind noise when driving with the windows cracked open. With wind deflectors for side windows it is possible to drive with slightly open windows, no matter the weather, as it prevents rain and dirt flying in the window.

In the summer time it is great to be able to let the hot air out of the car when parked, and not worry about rain, leaves, etc. getting inside the car. Window deflectors also help to keep side windows dry when it's raining.

How to fit wind deflectors

It is easy to install your new wind deflectors. There is no need to make holes or anything in your cardoor, as the patented clip-system will do the trick. The clip-system ensures free movement of the window, and is therefor also suitable for electric side windows. With most of the wind deflectors there is no need for further equipment to install the window deflectors. A few models are delivered with additional clips to fit the specific car model. But most of the wind deflectors only need to be tilted sligthly in to place, and then they will be securely fit.