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Caravan Towing Mirrors

The selection of caravan towing mirrors can be quite overwhelming, but with a few simple rule of thumbs, you can easily find the right towing mirror for your car, caravan and specific needs.

There is no doubt, that a specially made towing mirror for your exact vehicle is the best solution. It might sound pricey, but this is where EMUK enters. The EMUK Towing Mirrors are designed specifically for each car model, and there is a vehicle-specific towing mirror for nearly all car brands and models.

If instead, you need a universal towing mirror, that can be adjusted to any car, we recommend Brunsgaard Universal Towing Mirrors. These are among the best universal towing mirrors on the market and are also very affordable.
As it is with a lot of things, you often have a favorite brand or something you just know fits. This is why we also carry a lot of other popular brands e.g. OppiJockey, Milenco, Huckepack and much more.

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What does The Law say about Towing Mirrors?

If you can, with your regular car mirrors, orient yourself sufficiently down the side of the caravan, then no extra mirrors are required in most countries. Please check up on specific requirements in your country and the countries you are planning to drive in.

But you should always be able to look down the sides of your caravan. A caravan is in most cases wider than the car, and you would therefor need a caravan towing mirror, that can reach out longer than the regular mirrors of the car.

How to choose the best towing mirrors for your needs

First, you need to consider whether you want a cheap towing mirror, or you want the best towing mirror. Let’s start with the first one; a cheap caravan towing mirror. If you are not a regular camper and do not need to use the mirrors more than a few times or only for very short drives, then a cheap towing mirror may be enough.

If instead you need a high-quality towing mirror that can easily withstand long trips around Europe, the money is best spent on a couple of EMUK special towing mirrors. These are made specifically for the individual car brand and car model. This way, you are sure that the caravan towing mirror fits perfectly and does not jump or twist while driving.

Should you own a car which is one of the few that EMUK has not yet produced a towing mirror for, then there is also a solution for this. In these cases we recommend the universal towing mirrors from Brunsgaard, which can be adjusted and thus fit the vast majority of cars. Brunsgaard towing mirrors are good caravan towing mirrors for the price with great durability, but a bit cheaper than the EMUK mirrors.

What kind of mirrors are used for towing mirrors?

A mirror is formed by a reflective surface that is sufficiently smooth to create an image. The best-known example is the flat mirror that most people have in the home. In such a mirror, a bundle of parallel light rays will change direction and yet remain parallel. An image formed by a flat mirror is a virtual image of the same size as the original. There are also parabolic concave mirrors, where a bundle of parallel light rays are thrown back, so that they intersect in the mirror's focus. Finally, there are convex mirrors in which parallel light rays are thrown back, so that they are scattered with an apparent intersection behind the mirror. In the case of towing mirrors, the flat mirror and the convex mirror are used for mounting on the car's rearview mirror or on the front of the car.

A good and solid camping mirror is among the essentials when it comes to camping equipment. If you are unsure which one to choose, we are ready to help you on the phone and email info@scandihills.dk.