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Gas Heaters

Buy a gas heater for when you need a portable source of heat. The heaters are available in many different variants so we are sure that you can find one that suits your needs here.

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Gas heaters for camping

You can quickly and easily gat the heat up with a gas heater. With a simple gas connection and a gas heater you will be able to raise the room temperature significantly. It is especially nice to have a gas heater at the campsite where the evenings and nights can get chilly outdoors.

Gas heaters are available in a myriad of variants, such as catalytic, infrared, ceramic or with built-in fan (with or without heat). If you are looking for a gas heater for your summer house, cottage or terrace, you can find it online here.

Indoor use of gas heaters

It is important to be aware that gas heaters, gas ovens and other gas appliances cannot be used indoors. Any use of gas heaters requires plenty of air around the heater. This means that you must not place the gas heater next to a wall or tent cloth. There must also be good ventilation in the area where you use the gas heater.

When gas is burned, the surrounding oxygen is consumed and at the same time the gas releases harmful particles and carbon monoxide. Therefore, if you use a gas heater indoors, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. ScandiHills.com strongly advises against the use of gas heaters and gas ovens indoors, as there is a great risk of harmful consequences for the health.

Gas heaters for tents

You can use a gas heater in a tent or awning where there is sufficient ventilation. As mentioned previously, the gas heater must be placed away from walls in a room with plenty of space around it. It is incredibly important that the tent is not closed, instead some places are left open so that fresh air can enter and circulate inside.

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