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Here you will find a wide variety of cheap camping equipment in many categories. Among other things, you will find: awnings, gas appliances, lamps, tablecloths, non-slip surfaces, camping carpets, various kitchenwear, cutlery, plate sets, bowls and many more. 
The camping equipment in this section is primarily for the people at campsites where it is important to be comfortable.

If by any chance you cannot find the product you are looking for, you are more than welcome to contact us. 

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Camping equipment – find everything for the most laid back vacation! 

Camping has become a preferable vacation type for many families. Every summer many families gather their camping eqipment and head over to a campsite. Many also drive hundreds of kilometers to other countries and warmer weather. A camping vacation is both enjoyable and convenient, and it can be done cheaper than many other vacations.

At Scandihills Camping & Outdoor og Fritid you will find all the camping equipment that makes camping holidays even more enjoyable. In the different categories you will find kitchen appliances, stairs, picnic sets, parasols and much more. So if your next vacation is a camping trip - find all the right equipment at scandihills.com!


Camping equipment for beginners and practitioners

If you have never been on a camping trip before, you may not want to invest in camping equipment of the very best quality - especially if you don't yet know if camping is for you. Fortunately, at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor you will find a huge selection of products in all price ranges bacause it is important to us that everyone can experience a camping vacation! If you are an experienced camper who does not want to compromise on quality and design, then we also have good and practical equipment for you.


Big selection of camping equipment at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor

When you go camping, there are many things you need. It can be everything from kitchen appliances, drying racks, chairs, wind screens and so on. If you have camped before, you know how essential the right equipment is. Of course, it's not the camping equipment that makes the holiday good or bad but it can quickly affect the experience if you lack the essentials. Take a look at our webshop and find the cheaper or more luxurious items you will take on your next vacation. It could for example be a gas hob from Campingaz, an awning from High Peak or toilet paper from Camp4

At Scandihills Camping & Outdoor you will find a diversity of brands, all of which specialize in certain types of products. Are you looking for a certain brand? Here you can find a list of all brands we do business with.