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Alcohol burners

Here you can buy your Trangia alcohol burner online. A Trangia alcohol burner is smart to have on the go as alcohol can be bought anywhere and you shouldn't worry about running out. Read more about Trangia alcohol burners below the products.

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Here you can read about the advantages and disadvantages of Trangia alcohol burners. 


  • The alcohol burner can be switched on immediately after the alcohol is filled. Just be aware that the warmer the alcohol is, the higher the flame will be.
  • Always remember to fill the tank before you start cooking, as refilling in the middle of cooking can be troublesome.
  • An alcohol burner can darken with soot during cooking, which means extra cleaning afterwards.
  • Alcohol can be purchased everywhere so you can be sure to use your Trangia burner even when you're on the road and have run out of alcohol. 

Before you go on a trip, ask yourself the question "Which type of fuel can I purchase during the trip?". This question can be crucial for the type of burner you bring with you: multi-fuel burner, alcohol burner, gas tablet burner or gas burner.
You will find all these kinds of burners in our range here.