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Weather Stations

Here at ScandiHills Camping & Outdoor we have a large selection of Rosenborg weather stations as well as the popular TFA Sinus weather station. Among other things, here you can find weather stations with wifi and other models with outdoor thermometers, rain gauges, wind meters and more!

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Depending on where in the world you are, the weather can be very changeable. It can easily go from cloudless skies and high sun in the morning to pouring rain and storm in the afternoon. Therefore it might not always be easy to plan something according to the weather, as you can never fully predict how it will be that day. The forecast can also turn out to be very different from what was promised on the TV. That's why it is best to trust a good quality weather station that can quite accurately predict the weather locally or regionally, depending on the model.

Wireless weather stations

The largest range of weather stations we have is from Rosenborg, imported by Agimex, which is also responsible for the import of our top model, the Sinus weather station, which comes with connection for PC. Agimex also imports thermo / hygrometers with integrated clock, UV meters and a number of other features. The advantage of a wireless weather station is that you can easily place it right where it suits you, regardless of whether there is a socket nearby.

Weather stations with raing gauges and wind meters

A weather station with a rain gauge can be very useful in situations where, for example, you wonder whether or not to water the plants in the garden or if the dinner party you're planning can take place outside in the garden without the risk of getting wet. If you like to be one step ahead when planning your days, you will find a weather station with rain gauge quite handy.

A weather station with wind meter can be helpful if you have a wind-sensitive vehicle, for example a caravan, or if you want to know whether to tie down the trampoline in the garden.

Choose the right weather station

Before you buy a weather station, you must first and foremost decide what your needs are. If you just want to be able to see the temperature inside and outside, your weather station doesn't have to be very advanced. However, if you need a weather station with rain gauge, wind meter and other smart features, then you need a slightly more advanced model. There are many options here at ScandiHills Camping & Outdoor - you can find weather stations that can be placed on your desk or shelf in the living room or others that can be hung on the wall so you can always keep track of the weather. If it is important for you to get the very best weather station that suits your needs, then you can find various tests online that will help you find which one from Rosenborg for example is the best solution for you. Remember that with us you always have 14 days to return your purchase. That way, whether you're buying something for yourself or as a present for someone else, you can be sure that it can be returned if it's not quite what you had in mind.