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Refrigerators & cooling boxes

Here you will find our selection of different gas refrigerators and coolers. A gas refrigerator is a good alternative to a regular refrigerator if you are in places where no regular 230 V power supply is available.

It can for example be at campsites, in a holiday house, yachts, hunting cabins and many other places. With us you can choose among different coolers and gas refrigerators, so you can find just the one that matches your needs.

Gas refrigerators and coolers are primarily used in places where ther's no access to power supply. If you are missing a refrigerator for 12 V power supply, you will find it in the catefory Camping Refrigerator.

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How do gas refrigerators work?

Gas refrigerators are not like regular fridges. Or course, both serve the same purpose of cooling and preserving food products and drinks. However, the mechanism of each is quite different and there are some things to be aware of when buying a gas refrigerator.

Gas refrigerators are often more silent than normal refrigerators, since they are usually absorption coolers. There is usually no fan in a gas refrigerator that causes the air to circulate, as there is in an electric refrigerator. This means that the temperature in a gas refrigerator varies more and you may find that some places are less cold than others. Energy consumption is also higher.


A gas refrigerator is often equipped with a mechanical thermostat as opposed to an electric one. This means that the gas refrigerator is not quite as fast to regulate the temperature. That's why a gas refrigerator should not be used as a permanent solution at home but is practical and effective in shorter periods, such as on camping holidays.

Refrigerator with gas and 12/230 V

In many cases, the optimal solution for a camping holiday, a summer house or a cottage will be a hybrid between an electric refrigerator and a gas refrigerator. That way you get the benefits of an electric refrigerator, when you have access to power but you are not dependent on it. In case that no electricity is available or you want to use the refrigerator outside - you have the flexibility to do so.

Safe use of gas refrigerator

As with many gas appliances, it is important that there is sufficient amount of air around the gas refrigerator. Gas appliances must not be used in closed rooms, as there's a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. That's why you need to make sure that there's good ventilation in the room where the gas refrigerator will be placed.


At ScandiHills.com you can find a variety of gas products.