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Folding tables

Small folding tables are quite suitble as an appetizer table, TV table, drinks table or just to put your books or magazines on. If your camping trip is not that long, then there might be no need to buy a big folding table, as it will just fill up too much space and will be too difficult to move around. Instead, it might be better to buy a small folding table that fits your needs perfectly. On this webpage you can find a great variety of small folding tables, which are known for being extremely practical and easy to handle. Our small folding tables are also easy to store away and transport and that is a good advantage for the ones who like to camp. 

Folding tables

A folding table is very practical when you don't have a lot of room and occasionally need a table to sit by. Then you can easily take your table out when you need it, and easily put it away when you don't need it anymore. That is exactly why a folding table is perfect on a camping trip. It is also easy to move the table around if it's good weather and you want to enjoy sitting in the sun. Here on our website you can find different models folding tables. Some are made of aluminum, while others are made of steel or have a rolling table top.

Choose the right folding table

There are many good reasons to why you should choose a folding table, one for example is to take on a camping trip. Online you can find a sea of offers on practical folding tables, therefore you might want to take some things into consideration before you click on the first one you see. The first thing, of course, is to find out how many people should be able to sit around the table since the size of it depends on that. Then you need to consider whether the table should be round, square or rectangular. A round table typically requires a little more space as it is intended that people should be able to sit all the way around, whereas with a square table people usually only sit at the sides. Most folding tables can be folded so much that they can easily fit behind the door or under the bed when you are not using them.

Buy everything for camping here

Perhaps you connect a folding table to being big and uncomfortable, with heavy metal legs that is almost impossible to pack up and move without the help of others. But it does not have to be like that. Today there are numerous folding tables that are small, lightweight and practical and are easy to set up or put away when needed. Here at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor you will find all kinds of things for the outdoor life, such as camping equipment, tents, sleeping gear, electrical items, trekking equipment  and many more. Our variety is always big and diverse so you can find exactly the things you need. We ship the orders within 0-7 business days, depending on the type of product. Should you like to see some of the products before you make a purchase, you are always welcome to come to our warehouse in Aalborg, Denmark. You can shop on spot or you can pre-order the items if you are in the area and then come by and collect them.