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LED light

Incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and, to a limited extent, neon tubes, have so far been the only affordable light sources in caravans, campers and sail boats. Now LED and diode bulbs have finally come to a price level that ensures that you can contribute to a better environment while saving significantly on your electricity bill in your spare time.
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With LED light sources you can reduce your power consumption in your camper, caravan, boat or tent. Nowadays many people have up to 20 incandescent light bulbs or halogen spots, each of 10,20, 25 or 40 watts, which causes a higher electricity consumption. Now that can be significantly decreased. If you cnange all of your light bulbs, you could in principle have all your lights on and use power that corresponds to what you would use on 1 or 2 of the normal bulbs.

One of the major problems has been switching from lamps with E14 socket to LED bulbs. Where it previously has been necessary to change the entire lamp, now you can buy an E14 adapter with socket for a G4 LED bulb which makes a lot easier. The price for an adapter and LED bulb is approx. the same as buying a regular indcandescent bulb. The LED bulb just lasts a lot longer and consumes significantly less power.