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Here you will find the lock that you need! In our assortment you will find various quality locks and other anti-theft products - safety boxes, GPS tracking devices, wire locks, regular padlocks and special TSA approved locks.

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Unfortunately, these days it is necessary to protect your property with locks and other anti-theft measures, also when travelling. For caravans and trailers, there are specially developed locks - some custom made for a certain model, others more universal. Some of these locks can also be used when the trailer or caravan is connected to the car. 

For locking suitcases and other travel equipment we can supply suitcase straps and padlocks with either code lock, card lock or more traditional locks with keys. When travelling to the United States and some other countries you need TSA approved locks that can be opened by aviation security agencies with a master key. 

If you want to secure your camping furniture, bicycle, motorcycle or other things, a Lock Alarm Wire is the perfect choice. With a Lock Alarm Wire you can lock several items together or lock one or more things to the house, caravan etc. and secure it with the built-in 120 dB siren.