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Bike carriers

Here is our selection of bike carriers from Flamma. You'll also find a motorcycle holder if that's what you would rather have on your camping holiday.

There is nothing better than to get on a bicycle and pedal around, exploring new places. Imagine cycling on beautiful forest trails or along the ocean. In order for those thoughts to come true, you should of course have a bicycle carrier for your caravan. 

Take your bike on your vacation

Experience the nature on two wheels and feel the fresh unexplored air on your face - take your bicycle on your vacation. It doesn't have to be troublesome, no, on the contrary. With a bike carrier from Scandihills Camping & Outdoor, you can easily and safely take your bike along. The practicle bike carriers you will find here can be mounted on a caravan as well as on a car. This way you don't have to rent bicycles on your vacation, which gives you even more freedom. You can take your bike anytime you want and explore the local area or go on longer bike rides and discover new amazing places. Moreover, you can go for a morning ride to a nearby baker and buy freshly baked bread or baguette. With a bike carrier there are no excuses for not taking an active vacation. You don't have to leave your bike behind - just take it!

Make your everyday life practicle with a bike carrier

A bike carrier from Scandihills Camping & Outdoor is not only used to take your bike along on your vacation. It is also an ingenious means to optimize your everyday life and make it a little more practicle. When your bicycle holder from Scandihills Camping & Outdoor is mounted at the back of your car, you can easily put the childrens' bikes on so they can bike home back from school. Or when you need to leave the car at the workshop, mount the bicycle carrier on the back of it so you can jump on your bike and run your errands while the car is being repaired.   

Functional equipment  

Do not hesitate to buy a bike carrier here at scandihills.com because you think it's hard to use. Because it's not. It is easily mounted on the car's trailer hook. The bikes are then put on the rails and the tires are fastened with the straps that come along. The bike rack is fastened by a grip that is placed around the frame, using an easy screw mechanism. The bike carriers you can buy from us are also equipped with a tilt function, which is extremely practicle when you have something in the trunk of the car. So when it is full of luggage or groceries and you need to take something out, you don't have to unmount the bike carrier. With a single click with your foot at the bottom of the carrier, tilt it down. This way, you have free access to the trunk and all that's inside. Here at scandihills.com we can offer bike carriers with room for 1 or 2 bicycles.

Legal bike carriers

A bike carrier is not a just a bike carrier. You can find many on the market that do not comply with the law. Bike holders must have rear lights and break lights, as well as space for the registration plate of the vehicle. The bike holders you can find at Scandihills Camping & Outdoor comply with all of these criteria so when you purchase one from us, you will get a bike carrier ready for use. With our fast delivery, you can still order it and receive it on time, even if your holiday is just around the corner. The only thing you need to remember is to order an additional registration plate, which you can easily mount on the carrier. We value our customers' oppinion and therefore we would love to hear from you with any questions and comments. With a bike carrier from Scandihills Camping & Outdoor you are ready to take your bike on holiday!