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Wash bowls etc.

Camping equipment must be compact, light and practical as there is limited space in a car's boot or in a caravan. Therefore at the campsite it is important that the plastic crates are foldable, the wash bowls take up very little space, the plastic waste bin is the right size to be practical to use and so on. 

Here is our selection of plastic wash bowls, buckets and other storage products. 

When you are camping, the likehood of finding a small enough dishwasher is very small. Therefore it might be necessary to do the washing-up it the old fashioned way - with a wash bowl and a dish brush.

In order to be as practicle as possible, the best thing is to buy a so-called camping wash bowl. What's special about it is that it's light and foldable and therefore fills up very little when not in use.

Check out our product range.