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Tent Lights

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  • When buying LED light, the strength is measured in Lumens instead of watts. When looking at an Energy label of an appliance, look for LED with A+ class and above. Then you are sure to buy LED with good light.
  • Check the light's colour: Warm light at 2.700-3.300 K is very similar to the light that comes from a light bulb. 3.300-5.000 kelvin provides a neutral light while strength above 5.000 K provides a cool light that corresponds to daylight in the middle of the day.
  • Consider the possibility of dimming.
  • What is the light beam angle? Check if the LED light bulb fits your needs. The beam angle of the light should be on the packaging and given in degrees (°).
  • Colour rendering index? With Ra of minimum 80 the colour is not good enough so go for Ra of 90 or more.