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Even when you are on vacation, or on a weekend trip, you need to sleep well. When we have a holiday, or a few days off, and go away with the caravan or hiking there are big differences between the equipment people use to sleep.

If you are going to sleep in a tent or bivouac it is important that the sleeping mat, sleeping bag and liners are optimal for the ambient temperature, which varies greatly depending on the season and location.

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A good night’s sleep does not come by itself

Even if you are tired it does not necessarily mean that you sleep well and feel refreshed the next day. If you, for example, have been lying on cold or rough ground and maybe without a proper pillow you will not wake up feeling ready for a day of outdoor activities.

Sleeping equipment for outdoor life, camping and travel

It is important for both body and soul that you sleep well - and that applies every day! On the campsite, hiking trip or any other holiday you should wake up feeling restored and with a mood set for all the exciting things waiting for you during the day. That’s why you should care about your sleeping equipment.
Here at ScandiHills we have gathered everything in sleeping equipment for camping and outdoor life so you can sleep safely and comfortably, even if you have limited space for luggage. 

Sleeping bags and travel pillows for every need

Need a good sleeping bag? Then look here at our large selection and buy the best sleeping bag for your needs. You can even find a wide range of travel pillows so you can rest your head on a comfortable pillow, which after use can be packed compactly.

Choose what to sleep on

If you are going to sleep in a tent a sleeping mat of good quality is a must. Here you find sleeping mats that are both compact and provide good sleeping comfort. Sleeping outside, in tents or shelters can be uncomfortable if the ground is cold and you don’t have an insulating sleeping mat, an aluminum sleeping mat that shields against cold from the ground.

If there is space enough in the tent, or if you need an extra bed at home for guests, we have the solution. A lot of people choose a camping cot, as it is easy to fold out and then stow again.

A good camp cot is a super good solution as a guest bed, but also practical if you sleep outdoors to avoid cold from the ground.

However, the most popular solution is still the air mattress. We have a wide range of both double air beds and single air beds. We have air mattresses for any taste - from cheap air mattresses for festivals to luxurious air mattresses of the highest quality. With a good quality you can rest assured that your air mattress will not be flat in the morning.  Do not forget to buy a pump for the air mattress - choose between electric air pumps or manual air pumps for your air mattress.