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A TV is pretty much a stable in every household these days, and therefor also belongs in a well-equipped caravan and motorhome. With a TV in your vehicle, you can watch television whenever, wherever. This comes in handy, when spending the summer at Lake Garda in Italy, and you want to check up on the Tour de France, or maybe you want to stay updated on the news.

At Scandihills Camping & Outdoor we have selected the best LED TVs on the market from leading manufacturers, e.g. Carbest. With the newest technologies and features, they are ideal for camping. It is especially important, that the TV will operate on a 12 V power supply to avoid electrical short circuits and drained batteries on both the caravan and car. It is also important that the TV is sturdy and can handle humps and bumps while travelling.

You will also find accessories for TV- and radio equipment, e.g. antennas and wall mounts for TV.