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Shoe Scrapers

Here you will find our selection of shoe brushes and combined doormats and shoe scrapers. They are excellent for use at home, at work, a construction site, schools, kindergartens and much more. With an outdoor shoe brush, it is easy to keep out the worst soil and dirt of the house from shoes and boots.

Shoe and boot scraper with brushes

A boot scraper with brushes is especially good in the autumn and winter months, where soil, leaves, scab and other debris hang on shoes and boots. To avoid dragging it all indoors, you can advantageously get an outdoor scraper. Use the shoe brush outdoors, brush the shoes off between the brushes, and then the worst dirt and debris will be brushed away. If you use the shoe scraper scraper in a workplace or in an institution where the boot scraper must be used by many, it is an advantage to buy a solid and durable boot scraper made of steel.

Shoe scraper doormat

If you think the steel scraper grate is a little too heavy in the home or you want one indoors, then a combined doormat and shoe scraper could be a good idea. You can get a wooden boot scraper that is simple and elegant in its design, and the shoe brush can easily stand discreetly in the corner.