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Lactose- and gluten-free freeze-dried food

If you have hypersensitivity or are allergic to gluten and lactose, finding gluten- and lactose-free foods can be challenging. Especially if you want freeze-dried alternatives that can be used for hiking, camping and more.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose gluten-free freeze-dried dishes, so we've put together all of our gluten-free freeze-dried foods below.

Gluten-free freeze-dried food

Enjoy one of the flavourful and delicious freeze-dried meals without gluten. They are very easy to make and compact to carry with you. Just add water and you have a delicious gluten-free warm meal, cooked within minutes. Try for example the delicious Beef Stroganoff that consists mainly of rice and beef. And of course it is completely gluten-free.

Lactose-free freeze-dried food

If you happen to be lactose intolerant, we also have some delicious lactose-free freeze-dried food for you. You can try for example the delicious chocolate mousse, which is the perfect dessert after a dinner out in the open.