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Floor heating

If floor heating is not already installed in your caravan or camper and you don't want your feet to freeze, then there are two obvious options.

You can choose to install floor heating foil with double-sided tape. It's installed under the carpets in the caravan or camper and as it is very thin, you will not be able to feel that it's there when you walk. The heating foil is available in multiple widths so you can buy one that is suitable for your caravan. If you don't want floor heating in the entire caravan, you can buy a carpet with built-in heat that you can move around - for example under the table, in the kitchen or besides the bed.

Floor heating for caravans

If your feet tend to freeze when you are camping, you may want to consider installing underfloor heating in your caravan. Sometimes putting on thick socks isn't good enough and it takes something more to make the small camping home comfortable. With floor heating for caravans you can extend the camping season all the way from the spring to the autumn.

Here on the site you can buy Ebeco floor heating foil that is easy to install in caravans or motorhomes, as well as Ebeco accessories to use for the installation.

Heating carpets for caravans

On the other hand, maybe all you need is a heating carpet or two, that can be moved around the caravan throughout the day. A heating carpet could be the perfect solution to have in a caravan when you want warm feet when you get out of bed, prepare food in the kitchen or drink coffee on the sofa but don't want to go through the trouble of installing floor heating.

A heating carpet can be used in many places, even at home.